The "Remember You" Factor

  • Apr 21, 2017

Create that “Remember You” Factor

Clients and customers have become accustomed to receiving a Thank You in the form of a promotional product with your name on it for choosing you for years. It started with pens, bags, shirts or cups, but now the demand for a usable thank you product has come up! No longer is the client as appreciative with a click pen as they used to be. The customer wants something they can use! And as a business you want the same thing, a product they appreciate with your company name on it, that is in constant use and out in the public eye. Nothing like constant advertisement that only has a one time fee behind it!

Juco Tote Bag - Promo Supply House

This is where we come in. Promo Supply House spends countless hours researching products that will be in constant use by your clients/customers. The products we do for our clients create that “Remember You” factor everyone is striving for.

Just like every business ownerSmartphone Wallet - Promo Supply Houseout there, I have also done extensive research on where to spend the money that comes in to the company. One for one, they all say a minimum of 10% of your income goes directly to your marketing budget. You have to constantly be getting your name out there. This includes email marketing, social media, and Thank You products to your customers.

Branding - Promo Supply HouseResearch has to be done! What products do your clients use on a regular basis. Is it lip balm due to a dry climate? Is it a tote bag for grocery shopping because all the stores where you live now charge for it? Is it a nice tumbler for them to take and fill with their morning coffee? This is what we, at Promo Supply House, help you with!

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